Charlotte Maddox
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Kiera Knightley
slender build
brown hair
brown eyes
A not too close study of her face might lead one to think she has a very square jaw. Also her hands might appear large for a woman's.
She wears quite a bit of make up and is always very nicely turned out.
hard working
devoted to her husband and sons
sometimes appears to be a bit skittish
emotionally fragile at times
jealous of her husband
subject to bouts of what might be termed PTSD in modern parlance - insomnia, hyper-vigilnace/fearfulness, irritability (during such times she is prone to taking to her bedroom, sometimes for days at a time)
Charlotte, who goes by Lotte, was born on a coffee plantation in the Dutch East Indies (modern day Indonesia) and is a woman of mystery, to some small extent. She seems not to desire to talk much about her past. Although few may know it, she speaks both Dutch and French fluently, as well as English. She does have a noticeable accent, and a rather deep, husky voice which some might call sultry, or alluring, for a woman.

She left Batavia as a young woman in the company of a handsome young man, whom she eventually married. He brought her to England, and eventually to Yorkshire, where they settled some years ago in Madsmoor. They have three youngsters: David, age 10; his twin, Dylan; and Ambrose, age 7.

What is not generally known about her is that Lotte is a transgender woman. The boys are all adopted, but neither they nor the inhabitants of Madsmoor are aware of this. These two facts are part of the reason the Maddoxes moved from the south of England to Yorkshire.
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