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Brown hair and blue eyes, Hudson can grow a full beard, but because of his job he doesn't get to show it. He will keep a mustache from time to time until the lady of the house tells him to get rid of it. He dresses in nice suits, always seen with his shoulders back and his hands resting at his side or behind his back.

On his breaks when he thinks no one is watching he is a bit more relaxed with his posture and appearance.
He's reserved in some aspects and doesn't seem approachable. He wants new experiences but isn't open to them. He'd rather keep new experiences to dreams.

He does not like disappointing anyone, but will do so if it means keeping certain things about himself private.

He can come across as odd and eccentric. One might even catch him talking to himself and he'll say he's just rehearsing lines. Of course, when you try to ask 'lines for what?' he'll probably have walked off already.

He keeps people at a certain distance. He prefers people thinking him aloof or unapproachable. Though by the choice of books he reads, you can tell he's a hopeless romantic. He likes to think he has a bit of Jack of all trades type of personality.
He was born in the Netherlands to a wealthy family. Van Rensselaer was a large family, he had a few brothers and sisters of his own and his parents were both from large families. He had uncles who hand hands in authority figures pockets as well as uncles who were authority. A large group of the Van Rensselaer's headed to America and extended his heritage there.

So how did this wealthy young man end up a butler? Well there is more to meet the eye of this young man. He was spoiled growing up, more so than the kids in the estate he works for. Yet, he found himself having t-parties and make pretend by himself instead of with his siblings or trying to make nice with children of other wealthy families. At least to his parents it looked like he was alone.

In actuality, he could see and talk to spirits. At first he couldn't tell the difference between the dead and the living, then when he came to realize what they were he could. Today it's a mixture, sometimes he can tell and sometimes he doesn't realize he just had a conversation with a ghost until its over.

He was looked at as a pariah and when he turned 18 his parents made sure he was set for life and kicked him out. It would have been sooner if his mother hadn't intervened. He had never worked before, hadn't even thought about what he wanted to do. The only experience he had was with kids. His younger siblings, nieces and nephews.

He found himself a few cities over and changed his last name to Markset after seeing a set of ground markers. Hudson gained a job as a Butler. The family traveled a lot and he traveled with them. His role, though classified as a Butler had him doing all types of odd jobs. He was even in charge of making sure the kids were entertained.

During one of their vacations, the family told Hudson his services would no longer be needed, but they helped him find another job. That job led to another and eventually at the age of 30 he ended up at Moorland Manor. He has managed to go by his first name and has managed to keep his last name and the wealth that comes with it a secret. It helps that he's kept himself busy and doesn't think about his life before the age 18. On his breaks he is usually seen in the garden playing with kids. Sometimes he'll be at the stables or on a step somewhere with an apple in one hand, a book in the other, and glasses that wont stay on his nose for a long period of time. He tends to do more than just typical Butler duties, but it's because he insists on not being idle.
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