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His best attire is his cowboy attire. He is rough around the edges and scarred from fights back in the South. He had a wink that he thinks can charm anyone near him. He is in shape but nothing over done. He cleans up nicely when he allows himself a shave and puts on a good vest and pants.
He is a bit of a flirt, fool of himself, and likes to brag about his ability to shoot a gun. He is loyal and usually once he has found a special someone he sticks with it. This doesn't mean he won't flirt just to get a free piece of bread, if he's in a relationship. He gets a certain pleasure out of sewing up someone, knowing he had a hand to play in helping keeping someone alive one more day. He loves to dance and tip his hat.
He was born and raised across the southern states of America. His father was a lawman and his mother a teacher and nurse. The Calloways were one of the more wealthier families of the south.

He had the best education that was offered, which compared to others was not all that great. He found himself playing a game called cops and robbers a lot. He learned to shoot a gun at a young age and went out to the fields to shoot bottles and other targets everyday.

Growing up he worked out, ran, broke up fights, caused fights. He had a nanny that the locals called a witch doctor. He was an apprentice to a local doctor/ surgeon while he studied anything he could get his hands on. Word got to him about a location across the seas that could use some help. Having not been anywhere but in the south, he felt it was a unique opportunity.
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