Theadora Hildegard
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Laura Donnelly
Long dark hair that is usually kept back. She is usually covered in throw up or residue from working as one of the town's blacksmiths. Of course, most people believe it's her uncle Sol Hopper doing all the work. She tends to look tired most of the time.
She tends to be polite even when she really wants to give someone what they deserve. Thea is the type to let everything just bottle up inside her until she can not handle it and then everything just explodes. She loves the idea of settling down and having kids of her own, but since becoming the mother to her cousin her dreams have switched to adventure.

If she does take a tone to you it's probably not you. She likes the sound of music, but has no idea how to dance.
Her father died from natural causes, possibly a heart attack. Her mother died from a cut that grew infected. Her aunt and uncle took her in. She helped keep her keep by cleaning. Her aunt and uncle were very happy go lucky people. Her aunt had many siblings that had their own families. She found herself connecting with one of her cousins, who became her closest friend.

Her uncle, the towns blacksmith, was one of the nicest people in town until things took a turn. His wife, when she was almost 9 months along started to have complications. His wife passed away, but the baby was able to survive. Thea found herself taking over in the 'mother' role. Her uncle cried for months and buried himself in his work. His extended family didn't want anything to do with him blaming him for her death. Rumors started going around town and after awhile he couldn't take it anymore so he just became what they thought of him.

Today the baby is 3 years old and Theadora is 23. She makes sure orders are ready even if it means doing them herself, she takes care of the baby, and makes sure her uncle eats something. Her cousin tries to relief her and forces her to let family or neighbor take care of the baby for an evening.

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