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Depends on the season. Winter he keeps his hair including his facial hair long, because the winter months can be harsh in India. When spring comes around he cuts it all off. During the summer months a lot of has grown back, but it's not overwhelming. He has a scar under his right eye, he always seems to have a different story for it.

He is muscular and if you catch him without a shirt on has a good bit of hair on his chest along with a few more scars. These scars were battle scars created from the edge of a sword and a whip soaked in something awful when he was a prisoner briefly.
He is rough around the edges. He doesn't know how to address people and can come off rather brutish. If you get to know him and get passed his stern voice you'll see him to be more gentle than his appearance.

He would rather listen to someone else talk about themselves for hours than talk about himself. When you do get a smile out of him it almost looks mischievous. Meanwhile, what he calls a mischievous smile looks like he just poisoned you.

He loves chopping wood, it's not something he gets to do in his homeland. He loves the smell of the forest and mountains.

He is afraid of beaver and squirrels.
Aahir comes from a wealthy family that had a major hand to play in the East India Trading Company, before England took over. He was home schooled and because of that his social skills are not the best. When he was eight years old his parents already had him paired for an arranged marriage with the daughter of the wealthiest man in India. Any of the guys in his town would have been excited for the day, but Aahir was gay.

Aahir's interest in men were never told to his parents. When he was thirteen he interacted with more outsiders. He found himself running off from home to just get away from the talk about how he had to go about carrying the last name and what that meant. He had his first boyfriend at sixteen, someone he bumped into during a jog one day. That relationship lasted a full year before the woman he was supposed to marry crossed their path. Aahir can still remember the feeling of a frog being caught in his throat and then feeling releaved. The girl had no interests in marrying him either, she had been seeing a special girl for a month at that point. They came to an agreement, that they would marry for the sakes of their family but see other people.

His first boyfriend died during a typhoon. He kept to himself, worked out and gained muscle, married his wife, and joined the army. He almost died twice The first time was on the field and the second time when he became a prisoner of war. He came back with scars and his eyes were not as bright.

Aahir's life after that consisted of being the advisor for his father in-law. One week in the winter he traveled to Moorland on business. During the rainy months (July to Sept) he and his wife stayed in or near Moorland. They have both had their affairs during their visits. They are familiar faces that are welcomed and eagerly approached by a handful of people.
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