Lydia Pennyfeather
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Bryce Dallas Howard
A blue eyed, red haired woman contained in a 5'7" slim frame. She has fair skin with freckles upon her cheeks. She enjoys wearing beautiful but comfortable dresses and almost always keeps her hair down and her makeup at a minimum unless she has a reason to dress up.
She was raised to be an intellect, polite, frugal, and quiet but since she has been freed, she does what she wants. The woman enjoys the delights of the world though she keeps to herself. If she reads a book or goes out to meet people, she prefers to do it because it was her decision. Lydia is usually quiet but can be spiteful and naughty.
Frederick Conner Pennyfeather was a very strict man when it came to frugality and had a passion for preserving and helping culture and intelligence grow and spread. Living in Liverpool, they lived in a fair sized home except she was forced to live in the same room as her parents. Most of the house had been used for her father's private library that was stuffed to the brim with his precious books.

The man was so obsessed with saving money, when her mother became ill, he insisted that medicine wouldn't save her, it was a waste of money. When her mother pulled through, the woman left her unhappy marriage and was never seen since. When Lydia was an adult, her father insisted she be married so she wasn't a burden to him any more, while at the same time he focused on getting her to read some of his ' higher learning' tomes to improve her mind. She tried to please him by courting men, as she truly did want to leave her home, but she had no interest in men.

When her father died three years later, it was a gift from God. She sold the house and took all of his beloved books and went to find a quiet life where she could leave easily on her inheritance. She managed to open a book store in Madsmoor simply for her improvement and to meet the locals. It gives her a deep delight to see the books her father loved so much being sold for a fraction of their value and separated in the wind.
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