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Dark hair, tan skin, and eyes that can lure both men and women. She can be found barefoot a lot and walking on the tips of her toes from time to time. She dresses better than a domestic do, but will never reveal how she could 'afford' them. She worked as a seamstress for the Meijers. Sometimes the clothes and shoes they threw out or hadn't worn in a long time ended up in her closet. She won't change her appearance for anyone and if she has the time she will make sure her hair and is done proper, but isn't afraid to dress down either. She has a love for Henna, finds doing it therapeutic.
She is a character to say the least. She is Sephardic Jew, thinks she's funnier than she is. She reads a room as soon as she enters and knows how to carry herself. She is one of the nicest and politest people you'll ever meet. But she isn't about to live her entire life like a servant and can be a bit snarky/cheeky if it gets her point across. She loves to dance, sing, and sew. She's not terribly great at cleaning, but she does her best.
G is from Bohemia (modernly Czech Republic). She was born to a Lara Fainstein (mother) and Morris Montefiore. Morris volunteered at the local temple and Lara dyed fabrics. Guendalia, aka Daliah or simply G, was that little happy girl with a big imagination and ignorant to life's problems. She wanted to be friends with everyone, but after trying to make friends with one particular boy ' Zech' and failing she retreated to herself. Her aunt's family, the Lanchanos, worked for Zech's family and when her aunt learned of Zech ignoring her niece, she told G that it wasn't her and she should be glad he didn't.

G picked up Henna from a lady at the temple while trying to keep busy one day. Ever since that day she has been obsessed with Henna, usually doing some sort of design on her foot and ankle or her hand. Then as she grew older and picked up sewing she became a seemstress. Eventually she landed the job for the Meijers. They weren't always the nicest, which made it easier for her to borrow things from them. Borrow being the nice way of saying steal. They had a lot of things and something was worn once and was just sitting for months it would find her way to her own closet. Then there were the items that they just threw away. The majority of her closet now is of repurposes items that belonged to that family. She quit that job when her parents grew sick and stayed home to take care of them. During that time period she became close with Zech's mother, who seemed to have thought dearly of her parents or at least of her father. She always assumed because he did a great job at the Temple. When they passed, Zech's mother wrote a note, gave her a few things, and told her to go off and find the adventure she wanted and the her son would be able to give her work. She didn't ask many questions, because the woman was giving her a way out. Now she's on her way to work for Zech, not really sure what her duties will be, but she imagined it would be around sewing.
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