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Rose is the daughter of the tenants of a small farm. She has twelve siblings, three of whom have died (one drowned and two died of consumption). Some of her older siblings have already married, or have found work. Her parents were devout Presbyterians and would hold services in their homes, or in the homes of other villagers of the same denomination.

While she was growing up, her parents struggled to get by, their land but small and their family large. There was always the threat of the landlord turning them out in order to add their land to someone else’s to increase efficiency. Luckily it hasn’t happened yet, but the older children had to find work to help the family get by. Rose went to school for four years, before her parents pulled her out, because they did not feel she would need more than basic reading, writing and arithmetic and she needed to help on the farm. When she was not helping her parents on the farm or around the house, she would play on the moors with her siblings.

When Rose was twelve, her father passed away. Her oldest brother took over the farm, but going through the administration, he discovered that the family had incurred debts. Two of Rose’s brothers left for the mines to bring in extra income to pay back the debts. Rose was horrified at the state they were in when they returned. And so when a friend of her mother’s from a better family offered to find Rose work, Rose and her mother eagerly agreed. When Rose was fourteen, she went to Sheffield, where the family friend had found her a position as housemaid in the home of a well-to-do middle class family. Rose was well aware that it was a big honour for a poor farmer’s daughter to be offered such a position, and her mother told her that if she worked hard, this could be an opportunity to climb the social ladder further than her ancestors ever had.

It was not what she had expected. The long workdays were exhausting, and she felt lonely and homesick. Rose lost her job after two years. When she returned, she was quite a different person than before she left. Before, she had had some meat on her bones and colour in her face. Now she was a skinny, pale thing. Before, she had been cheerful and chatty. Now she was quiet and sullen. The family friend is now looking for a different position for Rose. Rose is terrified.
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