Erich Wilhelm von Seydlitz
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Seeming to take a page from his ancestor’s book, Erich has been something of a hell raiser – but a very charming one. He is sophisticated, and has exquisite manners, but has been known to throw a punch to great effect, as well as rumored to have fought a duel with sabres. He can have a rather mercurial temperament, and that, added to his superb horsemanship, has earned him the nickname Metzengerstein, although it’s best not to call him that to his handsome face. He is bold, often brazen, sometimes brash. Many people love him; others despise him. Take your pick.
Erich’s great-great-great-great grandfather was a notable Junker – one of the landed nobility of Prussia. Friedrich, his ancestor, was known to be a drunkard , a rake, and a savage, but also one of the greatest Prussian Calvary Generals of his era, awarded the Order of the Black Eagle for his efforts during the Seven Years War. The vast estate gifted to him for his service created the basis of Erich’s family’ wealth. Erich was born on that estate.

But whether Erich will see any of that wealth bequeathed to him remains to be seen. He is his father’s only son, but born the wrong side of the bed sheets. His mother was his father’s mistress, kept right under the nose of the man’s long suffering wife. With there being no other heir, and having been born rather late in his father’s life, Erich lives as if he is the heir apparent to a vast fortune, now also bound up in that ‘marriage of iron and rye’, as the family fortunes have expanded to include trade and industry. But if his dear papa was hoping that a lack of legitimacy might add an ardent fervor to his son’s desire to do well, prove himself and win his father’s approval, the old man couldn’t have missed the mark more completely.

Erich seems to care for little other than pursuing a hedonistic lifestyle. He’s somewhat openly homosexual, relying on his “position” to avoid any unpleasantness with either church or state on that accord. Even this his father might tolerate, if he’d agree to marry and somehow produce an heir. Erich has stubbornly resisted all efforts in that quarter, though, and show as little interest in learning how to be either a landed gentleman or a captain of industry. It’s all just too much hard work, in his opinion.

That being said, Erich and his father have come to an impasse and the old fart has basically cut his son off from financial support, as a last ditch attempt to get his attention and make him “shape up.” Erich has thus been “couch surfing” for the past year or so, riding along on his family name and personal charm to spend a few weeks here, a few weeks there, in all the best watering spots of the continent, including the British isles. In the Fall of 1899, he found himself invited to stay with friends of friends for a week of “shooting” on the Yorkshire moors. That was a good six weeks ago. It’s time he moved on, but, inexplicably, he can’t seem to find a friendly face with an available bedroom. He isn’t worried, though. Not yet, anyway. Like McAwber, he is sure ‘something will turn up.’ It always has in the past.
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