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He is a scrawny thing, clad in ragged clothing and looking something like a scarecrow. He has nondescript brown hair, blue eyes and light coloration (typical of the area). One notable aspect of his appearance are the plaques on his skin from psoriasis. His demeanor is shy and self-effacing. He often looks like a dog about to get kicked. His expression though is soft, but often he if once again life has caught him off guard.
He is soft spoken and shy. In future times he would be diagnosed with a mild intellectual disability. He is is a gentle soul with a kind heart, and he stammers. People often treat him dismissively or with contempt, and he'd never protest. His is illiterate and knows enough to feel shame that he is somehow "less than" brighter minds.
He was born on a less than thriving croft, rented out by his grandparents. His unwed mother died giving him birth. Uncles and aunts and a few cousins all married or moved away by the time he was still a baby, and he was raised by his grandparents.

He was an obedient, tractable child but perceived as "slow" (he has an intellectual disability). So his granny never sent him to the village school. Simon isn't even his actual name - it's William. But an uncle dubbed him "Simple Simon" and unfortunately the name stuck. He was kept at home and helped out around the impoverished farmstead, never being taught anything beyond the work of a farmhand.

His granny passed away some years ago, and now his grandfather struggles on. Simon isn't seen very often around the village. Many people probably don't know he exists. But there are a few old women who remember his birth and they whisper that he was born unlucky, or cursed. His stammer, his disability and the psoriasis that marks his skin are all pointed to as proof of this.
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