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Jessica Brown Findlay
She stands at an average height with mink colored hair and gentle blue eyes. There is a perpetual haunted look upon her face most times. Her emotions change the depth of her eyes. Her physique is slender as opposed to the stylishly plump of the day.
She is quite the introvert, but can be sassy when provoked. She is of mostly gentle nature with an underlying passion and color that will brighten any room when cultivated in a proper manner. She has been morose as of late and can be a bit distant... She is also stubborn and contrary when times call for it.
Rayne was born to Albert and Berthe Phillips into genteel poverty in Cornwall. Her upbringing was not spectacular or special, there were never any rumors surrounding the small family... But when she was young, an outbreak of scarlet fever took her father and her siblings. Her mother died shortly thereafter when she hanged herself in her sorrow.

It was from there that a kindly Vicar and his wife took her in, and she was allowed to spend what time she could with her few surviving relatives. She became a scullery maid first and worked her way through the ranks from the age of twelve, blooming from a plain child to a young beauty over the span of nearly a decade as she became an adult as a servant in a fine home.

It was after she became twenty one when she caught the wandering eye and attentions of the master of the house... When he began to put his hands on her, she could feel herself grow into panic; what if his wife saw what he was doing? Rayne had no desire to let him under her skirts....

There came the day when he forced his kisses upon her and were seen by multiple pairs of eyes, that the Housekeeper assumed the worst of the poor gel and sent her packing for lewd behavior when she was guilty of nothing.

Unfortunately for her, she had no family apart from a cousin who she hadn't seen for a time because of the journey it would take. She sent a missive ahead, not knowing that Nell, who had been her best friend, was missing, rumored to be dead.

The young miss found she had no other choice, used precious funds to take her to a town she had never been to her and made the journey without knowing what her future would be, hoping and praying for the best...
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