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Thomas is of average height and build, probably a bit on the lean side and with the hard musculature of a working man. He has dark hair, dark eyes, and dresses in plain work clothes. His face has a rather...haunted look, some say with good reason. He is taciturn and sometimes sharp or brusque. He doesn't seek out company and has a brooding air about him.
As stated, he is a silent man. The only emotion you'll likely see on his face is when he gets ticked off at someone. He wasn't always this way. But the past couple of years have turned him into a dour person. Once upon a time he smiled and laughed and liked to drink and have fun. Now...he just keeps to himself.
Tom is a local man, born and bred on the farm he still lives on. He lives there alone. His father passed when he was still a very young man. His older sister married and lives on another farm nearby. His older brother went off to York and hasn't been heard from in a decade. His mother passed about eight years ago.

He married in his youth and he and his wife, Nell, never had children. They seemed happy enough though. She disappeared two years ago and there was a lot of speculation that Tom had something to do with that. The loss of his wife, layered with basically being accused of having killed her, has weighed heavy on him. This is why he has retreated into himself.
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