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A small boy with dark brown hair and brown eyes. Currently his hair is only about 3 mm long as he was shaved to make sure he had no lice or ring worm.
His behavior varies between reserved, when he is unsure of what is going on, to quite noisy and bouncy, when he is around people he trusts (so far mostly Akal and Mrs. Settles). He is just now learning English so that also affects how we reacts to any given situation. He seems reasonably intelligent. So far he hasn't been particularly naughty or wild, but he does hoard food in his bed if not supervised. He can make himself heard, loudly, when he is being forced to do something he doesn't like (take baths)
Basically nothing is known about his life prior to showing up outside the village. Apparently, he came with his father, but from where, no-one knows. His father died in the hospital, of the flu. They both spoke/speak Italian so that is some indication of the boy's origins. He referred to himself as Giovanni so that is the name he goes by, now often anglicized to Johnny. He had no last name at the moment.

After two of the Hecate cult found him on the road, they brought him to the hospital. From there he wound up in the temporary care of Solicitor Lawrence Bayliss, who is attempting (with no luck) to find an appropriate permanent home for him. He lives with Lawrence, his lover Akalsukh Chaudhari, and the cook of that household, Mrs. Settles.
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