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Oliver is a dark-haired and grey-eyed young man of average height and a slender, often thin build. Coming from a wealthy background, he is always well-dressed and well-presented, having been raised to believe his appearance always reflects upon the family in general, not just himself.

Having been a sickly child and still suffering from health difficulties associated with troublesome heart, Oliver can frequently look pale, drawn or exhusted. Physically, he is not as durable, nor does he have the endurance most would expect a man of his age to have. Ultimately, most who meet him assume 'the boy needs more colour' but have little idea of the illness which often plagues him.
Oliver is a warm, friendly and genuine young man who often finds himself lost in thought, lost in a book or simply lost. Due to being a sickly child, Oliver's imagination is fertile and artistic, full of ideas and possibilities. He is a talented painter, poet and hopes one day, to eventually finish his novel.

As Lord Elland, heir to the Marquess of Halifax, Oliver has never had to, nor ever will, need to work for a living. He was raised in comfort, given the best education and has truly never wanted for much in his life. However, his father's strict manners and his time at boarding school, combined with being a sickly child has allowed him to become a well-rounded adult, rather than a spoilt one. Having gone through spells of poor health, Oliver knows what it is to long for something and yet be denied it, such as wanting good health or to play with the other children.

Due to his heart condition, Oliver is an often cautious man who feels the need to plan for the worst and prepare for trouble - even if none is likely to come. He doesn't like to take risks, and will not be the young man leaping over a fence when drunk to tip a cow. He tries to live a healthy lifestyle, having learnt over the years what helps him feel better and what seems to affect his health. Due to a bookish nature, he is somewhat reluctant to get involved in things beyond his supposed physical ability. Instead, he would prefer to watch and take notes if possible.

Warm and friendly, Oliver finds people just as interesting as the world around him. He enjoys conversation, especially with those who see the world as bright and amazing as he does. He can be both shy and awkward when encountering people with bold and strong personalities or opinions, although has learnt to cover these inadequacies with manners and a deeply ingrained sense of proprietary.
Lord Oliver George Savile was born the fourth child and second son to the eighth Marquis of Halifax and his wife at the family estate in Yorkshire. With their former youngest child already thirteen years old, Oliver's arrival was of great surprise to the Marquis. With his eldest son and heir, Henry, Lord Elland, having not lived up to expectations the Marquis saw his new son as a chance to rectify past mistakes.

Unfortunatey, Oliver was a sickly child, who despite being intelligent and cheerful had difficulty thriving in his early years. Doted on by his sister's and mother, Oliver grew to be a warm and friendly boy, despite frequent illnesses which left him bedbound. While he was not often able to play with other children his age, he was kept amused by books, music and art. As he grew, his father hired the best tutors - allowing Oliver to learn at his own pace until in adolescence, when his health was more consistent, he was able to attend Harrow School in London.

At the elite boarding school, Oliver continued to follow his artistic passions, while longing for the peace and quiet of the family estate, as opposed to the noisy college. Despite being a reserved young man who was physically unable to be involved in the very popular school sports, Oliver enjoyed his time at Harrow and was genuinely sad to leave when he graduated.

Instead of transitioning to Cambridge University as his father would have liked, Oliver instead decided to travel to France to spend time with his elder brother, who was busy drinking and squandering the family money under the guise of starting a business. Oliver spent very little time with his brother and instead enjoyed the French countryside, spending hours painting, sketching and writing. Returning to England, Oliver moved into the family-owned residence in London, however, the busy city and heavy pollution proved to be harmful to his health and he returned to the Halifax manor in Yorkshire. Arguments with his father encouraged Oliver to go abroad once more, where he spent a year beneath the sun in Spain.

Oliver sold the occasional painting, had a book of poems published and began working on a book, content to live a life of a wealthy artist. The news of his brother's suspicious death came as a shock and set to ruin the life Oliver had made for himself. Now heir to the Marquess of Halifax, and so given his father's secondary title Baron of Ellan to use by courtesy, Oliver was forced to return home.

The shock of his brother's death caused his elderly parents great stress, resulting in his mother becoming bedridden and his father's deep, growing resentment lashing out at anyone within reach. Now as heir and only son, Oliver did his duty, organising his brother's estate, funeral and attempted to ensure some sense of stability for the family. Having never been the most resilient of men, the sudden pressure and stress made Oliver's health decline.

Deciding to do the best for both his mental and physical health, Oliver decided to take a room at the home of a neighbouring noble family at Madswitte Castle. His theory is that the space from his own family would be good for him, while also allowing him to enjoy a change of scenery to engage in his art. Madswitte Castle's convenient location would also allow him to remain within a few days travel of his elderly parents, in case he is a required.
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