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An easy smile and a chiseled, square jawline mark Frederick as handsome, while his once-broken Greek nose implies something of a mischievous streak. Behind his wire-rimmed spectacles are blue eyes rimmed with hazel. His smooth dark hair is complemented by a carefully-trimmed mustache. He has smooth, clear skin, and something of a heavy, penitent brow. Frederick is trim of build, and of average height.
Always curious, Frederick (Freddie, to his friends) spends much of his time reading or studying, even those subjects which the Church of England doesn't approve. He has a kind heart and was drawn to the Anglican Church not only because he's the youngest son of a minor gentleman, but because he is driven to serve the least fortunate of the community. He loves children and has a fine sense of humour, eager to play games with them. When telling stories, he often grows so excited as to act them out, and can often be heard talking to himself as he wanders the church grounds or walks through town. Though he would love a living, he's content where he is, and has no great ambitions beyond helping the needy. Freddie is quite naive to matters of the heart, but often finds himself falling in love fast and hard.
Born 15 September 1875 to a baronet, Sir Donald Grain, Freddie was the youngest of five sons and two daughters. With no chance of inheriting anything of note, he quickly enrolled at Oxford and pursued an honours degree and an ordination. He's recently arrived in Madsmoor, eager to assist the village's Anglican population.
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