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A hale and hardy man with a healthy flush to his cheek, Armstrong dresses properly for every situation and keeps himself clean. He wears a short beard, which is touched in places with grey. His small mouth, light grey eyes, and short, bulbous nose would seem to mark him as a man of good character. He lost his four front bottom teeth in a rugby game as a young man, and since then has worn a set of porcelain false teeth in their place.
Armstrong is a decorous intellectual. He is well-versed in the rules of society and obeys them to the letter. Like any good Christian man, however, he truly comes to life in the out-doors. When he isn't practicing his profession, he enjoys walking, riding, and hunting on the moor. As a young man he always made time for a game of rugby. To his friends he is a sharp wit, well-read and educated, as fits a man of his position. He keeps his home under strict control and is decisive in his business affairs. He enjoys a smoke but only the occasional drink. His preferred vices are gambling, for which he has quite a gift, and young women, who are often easily charmed by his masculine good-looks and silver tongue. Many of his indiscretions are private, but others are locally something of an open secret among the people of Madsmoor.
Armstrong was born April 15, 1857, into a family that had long held professions in Law. He followed his father to Rugby, then to Cambridge as a young man. He became a solicitor. At the age of 28 he was married to Mary Chatham, the young daughter of a colleague.

With his inheritance from his father and the success of his own practice, Armstrong soon came to be seen as a man of class and sophistication. He had a fine house built for himself and his family built near Madsmoor and began to practice law in North Yorkshire.

Seven years ago, he was responsible for the death of a young maid who worked in his home. His wife, the only one with knowledge of the murder helped him to dispose of the body on the moors, but soon disappeared from Madsmoor herself: branded a lunatic by her husband, she was locked up in a cold room high in the Armstrong house to keep her far from all human contact. To this day, the maid's family and friends believe that she simply disappeared on the moors one night.

Today, Armstrong is father to three daughters: Elizabeth, age 12, Ethel, age 10, and Margaret, age 9. He employs staff and keeps a second residence in the city of York, where he conducts much of his business.
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