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Zoe Boyle
She has fiery red hair to match her personality, and sparkling blue eyes that seem to mirror her strong spirit. She is slim but athletic build, a slight tan, and rough hands.
The woman is sharp tongued and bold. She hung around some of the wildest men in the west and it shows. She is smart but not very educated. Knows how to drink, ride, shoot, and lasso. A star through and through, but now she is trying to be the good girl after finding god but temptation is just too fun.
Born in London under the name Catherine Haverdash. She never knew her father, her mother would only call him a scoundrel that she hoped would rot in jail.
At six she was moved to live with a relative in America. She lived on a ranch and learned her way around livestock and had an affinity for riding. When she was fourteen she became very restless and joined a traveling wild west show.
She loved the show and managed to become a star of it under the name Kitty Calamity and went under the wing of one of the older stars already in the show who taught her the skills of shooting.
Recently she received a strange message from her mother that got her into a state of shock and in her distracted state she was injured in the show.
She retired and has decided to become a nun, not knowing much about religion, she's been learning about it and trying to help out at the church in the small town they've found themselves in. Of course, it is slow going as she always keeps a rifle and her two shiny pistols in working order by her bed and a bottle of whiskey under her pillow for those long cold nights.
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