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Noah is a scrawny little thing who always seems to sport a rather thick coat of dirt on both his skin and clothing. He has sandy brown hair that would be lighter if he ever washed it, dark brown eyes, and a mess of freckles. Some of his teeth are missing as he's at the age to lose them. His clothing is worn and torn, and he tends to dart around the village barefoot.
Despite his circumstances, Noah is a rather cheerful boy. He likes to keep himself busy, always after one job or another to earn some money or just a bite to eat. The kid is also prone to thievery when needed. He's light on his feet, rather fast, and he is rather good at eavesdropping, spying, and carrying messages. The boy is clever, but also very naive and liable to believe tall tales. He's a fairly good liar when he needs to be, but he has a guilty conscience and can't always keep up the act for very long. Noah is prone to mischief when bored. He has terrible manners, and he is illiterate. What he can't make up for in book smarts, he can in streets smarts, however. He likes to tell people he's 10. He's good at keeping to the background; not everyone notices him. The kid is no stranger to cruelty, so his trust is very difficult to earn. He tends to try and stay out of arms reach. He enjoys singing and is fairly good at it.
Noah was born the only child to the daughter of a shopkeeper, Martha Wickes. In her early teens, she had an affair with a wealthy gentleman and ended up pregnant. Unable to find the man, she could not inform him about his son before she later died due to complications from child birth. The boy was then passed off to his grandfather and aunt/uncle whom were to raise and look after him.

He lived with them and his aunt's growing brood of children above his grandfather's shop. He helped out around the shop almost from the time he could walk. It had been the man's hope to train him as one of his apprentices, but those plans were dashed once a fever swept through their family. Noah was five. With it, it took Noah's grandfather and one of his older cousins. With his grandfather gone, the shop passed to his uncle who had no interest in being a shoemaker. His only interests seemed to lie in drinking, prostitution, failed business ventures, and cruelty.

Around the time the waif was to be six, his uncle up and left to chase after a supposed lucrative business opportunity with the promise of sending money. Months passed with very little income coming in and seven mouths to feed. His aunt Milly sought odd jobs, but she eventually couldn't care for them all. She sold the shop and went into service in a big household in a far away city. She kept the oldest and youngest with her and scattered the rest of the children to other relatives or other families that would take them in or needed apprentices. Since Noah wasn't hers, and she didn't care much about his well-being, she shoved a bundle in his hands and sent him out into the streets.

He has fended for himself ever since. He stows away in an abandoned barn and lives among a handful of other urchins who watch each others backs. For the most part. Being one of the youngest and smallest gets him pushed around a lot, and he's spent more than his fair share of nights sleeping outside. He does as he pleases during the day and tries to land odd jobs such as cleaning shop windows, hawking items on the street, etc. He's particularly good at delivering messages and spying, and he regularly loiters about to do just that. He has a few regular customers. Sometimes, his job opportunities land him on the wrong side of the law.

Constantly hungry and cold, the boy will take just about any job, especially if it means he can sleep in a warm bed just for one night. He one day hopes to learn a trade or to work on a ship and sail off to far off places on adventures. He regularly carries a very broken and rusted spyglass with him that he found cast off somewhere in the streets, dreaming of that future.
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