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She is of a petite stature, with an average build. Her hair is brown, as are her eyes, and her face is lovely with delicate brows, a patrician nose, pouty lips, a stubborn chin, and a beauty mark. She dresses in the clothing of the genteel, neither nobility, nor peasant.
She is a quiet one. She prefers to stand back and observe, rather than converse with someone. Amelia is polite, but she seems introverted when approached and is easy to blush if a gentleman offers his hand to her. Her voice is soft and timid, and she is of a sweet disposition.
Amelia partially grew up in an orphanage, where conditions were not so grand and the worry for death was around every corner. She somehow managed to survive plenty of illness outbreaks in her childhood, later teenage years. At some point, she was taken out of the orphanage to become a servant, and seeing her sweet nature, her employer decided to have her sit in with the governess and give her a chance, for she did well with her children and she did not want them to pick up any uneducated language or ignorance. Amelia proved to do very well and served her Mistress well in the time she was in residence. As a reward, she was granted higher education so she might become a governess herself, or at the very least, a schoolmarm.

All of the children grew up, so now she has a chance to see the world and make something out of herself...
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