Sal Appleton
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Samantha Barks
-middling height for a woman of her times
-slender but with some nice curves
-brown hair
-hazel eyes
-a slightly darker complexion than others perhaps - what would be called "tanned" due to frequently being out in the sun and wind
-usually wears an impish smile, sports a merry mischievous look and has a spark in her eye
-pretty after a fashion, enough to have caught the eye of more than one boy/man
-but also good natured, just likes to have a laugh
-never cruel, but can hold a grudge
-appears not to give a flying fig for what others think about her
-likes to tease
-hard to get a straight answer out of her
-wildly independent
-just plain wild - as in, does her own thing and if people want to censure her for that, she could not care less
-born and raised in/around Madsmoor village
-her father died when she was little forcing her mom to move from the farm he leased into the village
-Sal (christened Sarah in the village church) lived in a small two room row house with her mom, her granny, and two younger brothers
-one by one over the years, illness and living on the edge took her mom and her brothers. Now it's just her and her aged granny (really age 56 but looks to be about 100)
-her granny makes a pitiful income by doing mending for ladies who don't know how to or don't want to be bothered to sew
-Sal makes a pitiful income doing this, that or the other thing, helping her Gran in the colder months, helping out farmers with planting or harvesting during the growing seasons, fishing (maybe illegally from time to time) for food for her and her Gran, maybe stealing fruit from an orchard from time to time. She is a dab hand at survival and the type of free spirit who can not be tied down or pigeon holed easily
-has a reputation for also taking money or food in exchange for her "favors" but whether this is true or not is really hard to say. She will neither confirm nor deny, because she feels if that is how people choose to see her, well - let them!
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