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Adrien Brody
He is 5'10 and very lanky. He has dark short hair, hazel eyes, and is very pale. His hands, neck, and arms have some faint burn scars from his youth.
He seems a bit nervous and twitchy most of the time. While the guy might seem afraid to stand up for himself, he will be brave when needed. He is always wanting to prove himself as a good servant of justice. Elijah is awkward though and clumsy, and let's a lot of people get away with small things because he doesn't want to fan the flames as it were. He also knows most of the people in the town would rather take the law into their own hands, making his job an uphill battle. He is a mostly honest guy and he tries to act smarter than he truly is. The guy is also very bad at hiding his emotions and can embarrassing when he tries to play things smooth.
Elijah was born and raised in Madswitt. There was a house fire when he was a small boy. His parents slept harder than he did, and while he tried to save them, he didn't have the strength and someone else came in and rescued him, pulling him from the house. It was too late to save them, and he has felt guilty about it since then. He was raised by his uncle and aunt who couldn't have children of their own. When he was a young man he spent five years in York to learn to be a police constable since he wanted to help people. He didn't have what it took for the big city, but was given the job of keeping an eye on his small hometown. He never tells anyone how disappointed he was about it, and pretends to be proud and still always does his best, since he is still somewhat happy to be home.
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