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She is 5'6 with dark skin, piercing black eyes, and dark hair that is always in a mess of locks with sometimes ribbons, feathers, and beads placed in it for her own decorative choices. She has a somewhat slim but strong figure.
Marina is a bold woman who is never afraid to speak her mind. She is afraid of nothing as she feels she's faced the worst from her time in Bedlam. She holds strongly to the beliefs of the cult and knows to not speak out of it in town, but will defend herself and her sisters if it comes to it. Marina is an honest woman cept when it comes to business, but then sometimes the power of belief is strong enough to make things so, so who is she to say if it won't work the way she tells them?
Marina was born to a merchant woman in Scotland. They did alright for themselves, and her mother told her that her father was a man who worked hard on a ship that was constantly at sea. She liked to dream he was a pirate or something exciting. One day though, she found her mother doing business on the wrong side of town. Feeling certain her mother had lied and she was the product of such a thing, she lost all respect for the woman and turned on her telling others what she saw. To protect her reputation, her mother had her thrown into Bedlam.

In her mid teens, she managed to seduce an orderly and escaped after knocking him unconscious. She wandered lost and alone until finally finding a home with the Sisters. This is where she knows she belongs and she will follow them to her grave and beyond.
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