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Sophie Turner
She stands at an average height, with hair the color of a freshly minted copper, eyes the color of cornflowers, the high cheekbones and soft lips of a lady, and a slightly curvy form.

Birthmarks include a strawberry mark on her lower back and one on her neck. She has freckles aplenty.
Addie is a bubbly personality, quite friendly and social. Her favorite activities include: Going to parties, especially masquerades, reading, and teaching. She is quite sharp, and witty to boot, and can come off as outspoken when she is passionate about something.
She was born a bastard child of a nobleman and a maid, raised as a lady so she could possibly take on a job as a governess one day as was fitting of her half nobility. She decided, instead, to take up residence in the village , and is currently seeking employment so she might settle into some semblance of a life.

When she was around sixteen, she was introduced to things like tarot cards, fortune telling, seances and ghost hunting, though she, herself, was suspected to have the gift of psychic ability, i.e. being a medium, able to communicate with the afterlife. If she does have this gift, however, she hides it very well.

Not much else is known about Addie, she lives a squeaky clean life as much as she could, though it wouldn't be long before trouble finds her if she has her way about poking around the place and delving into secrets.
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