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Juliette Binoche
*At work (and when she isn't campaigning for the hospital she is almost always at work) she can be seen in uniform, hair in a tight bun with a cap to cover it, voluminous cuffed sleeves, and a crisp white apron.
*A hint of a French accent in her otherwise well-spoken English. Comes out a bit more when she is frustrated.
*Brown eyes
*Her brown hair has a light curl to it, and though it is beginning to show some streaks of gray she does not seem to be slowing down any.
*Stands at about five and a half feet
*Carries herself as someone both confident and quite busy
*A woman of what otherwise seems to be pure logic, she is a staunchly religious. While this may seem simple or contradictory, she has a very scientific view of the the comfort and healing that faith brings. Believes in the supernatural as it relates to the church.
*She is primarily interested in patient care & comfort and is quite soft with her patients, though surprisingly strict when it comes to keeping the hospital orderly or defending it.
*Similarly, Catherine presents herself well, her job involves a lot of convincing of both patients, benefactors, and community members, but if pushed will become straight and to the point.
*Despite any outward warmth, her feelings are quite reserved. It is not uncommon that she wins the affections of a patient she has tended, and she is quick and well versed in dispensing of such confusion.
*Friendly with many of the villagers, having seen many come and go and grow up over the years.
*Sticks to what she knows, relying on ample personal experience and what she has seen proven to work before. She is anxious, stubborn, and risk-adverse when it comes to trying anything new.
*Raised Roman Catholic and after working alongside many nuns is a clear believer in the role of faith and God in healing.
*Served as a nurse in the Franko-Prussian War when she was 17
*Left France at 19 after the Siege of Paris and attempted to find a new career. Though guilt led her back to nursing, she could not bring herself to return to France.
*Worked in the hospital the town over from Madsmoor as a nurse for the past 25 or so years, starting as little more than a scullery maid despite her former experience but quickly rose to the top.
*Has recently moved to Madsmoor with the opening of the new hospital in order to take charge of it and see to it that everything will be running smoothly.
*Currently runs the hospital, however as there is no doctor nor surgeon on staff, it functions much as a clinic, tending to the ill as best it can to reduce fever and provide comfort, and excelling in women's healthcare and childbirth.
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