Jeanne Hakim
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Teacher (Literature)
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Tracie Thoms
Height: 5'6"
Eye Colour: Brown
Hair: Black; Curly with natural texture
Body Type: Curvy
Style of Dress: Feminine and Conservative; Favours light colours

Distinguishing Features:
  • Soft, lilting French accent
  • Scattering of small scars on right hand
    • Product of a severe dog bite as a child.
  • Hands and left forearm often stained with ink.
  • Any long sleeved dresses or blouses are often worn with the sleeves rolled up.

Other Notes:
  • Left-Handed
    • Born right-handed, but the muscles and bones in her hand were badly damaged. Years later it's only scars that remain on her palm and the back of her hand, but she still has trouble with fine motor skills with her right hand.
Open and Friendly.
Jeanne is the sort of person who is almost always likable upon making a first-impression. At the very least, if someone isn't inclined to like her, it's not due to her general demeanor. She's quick to smile and is the sort of person to help a stranger without prompting. If nothing else, she gives a distinct impression of sincere kindness and after a time people may come to realize a quiet intelligence, though it's certainly not the first thing they notice.

Jeanne only raises her voice if it's to be heard over a loud room, and even then she will often consider very carefully before she does it. She chooses her words carefully and always speaks with diction that belies her humble upbringing. She never swears and very rarely slips into French without realizing it; it's more likely to occur due to exhaustion rather than anger.

Natural Caregiver.
Jeanne is prone to forming strong emotional bonds fairly quickly, much of this has to do with her natural inclination and desire to see people cared for. Some would argue that she can become too close to her students, often allowing them to meet with her privately for discussions that have little to do with lessons. She gives good advice and wants to see people succeed in their endeavors. Because she has achieved a level of contentedness with her life, she enjoys helping others do the same. Notably, she is much more comfortable around women than men and is less inclined to meet a man she does not know well privately.

It's not so much that Jeanne lacks ambition as that she is happy with the current state of her life. As long as she is not unhappy, she isn't likely to try and make any changes in her life. This extends in to perhaps turning down what seems like a good opportunity for fear that it will leave her unhappy and similarly makes her less interested in pursuing any romantic relationships. She's not opposed, simply very cautious.

Legendary Grudges.
Jeanne doesn't have what most would recognize as a temper. In an argument she is more likely to speak calmly and make the other person feel two feet tall through having disappointed her than attack them personally. She is also willing to overlook most slights as the effort of getting angry often seems like too much bother. However, if someone does anger her she will let it fester quietly for much longer than she should rather than confront the person. Often, she will go out of her way to avoid that person afterwards and in many cases the poison of the grudge becomes disproportionate to the original act that caused it in the first place.
This will be updated as Jeanne develops through her threads. For the time being, please pardon the messy series of events that I do know have happened.
  • Left at a church as an infant and by a stroke of luck was adopted and raised by the pastor and his wife who hadn't been able to have children of their own. She spent much of her childhood cleaning the church and helping her adopted mother tend to their home. There was always food on the table, but her family was by no means rich and the luxuries were few and far between. Her mother taught her how to cook and sew and she has been making her own garments for much of her life.

  • Was taught to read by her adopted father, the pastor of a church, for more religious purposes, but then went on to seek out literature on her own and found a love for reading. Her favourite books are biographies and works of poetry. Try as she might she can't get into reading plays, she would much rather watch them.

  • Bitten by a dog at the age of eight. Damage to her hand was severe enough that she had to relearn all skills with her left hand and it has taken years to recover even basic functionality of her right hand. Bite also became infected and kept her sick for several weeks intermittently before finally passing entirely.
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