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Robbie is of average height and muscular build, as he works constantly about the grounds doing some fairly hard manual labor. He has dark, wavy hair and blue eyes, which usually hold a merry glint in them. He dresses as expected for a groundskeeper - in serviceable wool, linen and leather - shirt, jacket, trousers, boots, etc.
Robbie is a boisterous lad with a streak of mischief in him. He's usually good humored, quick to make a joke and very popular with his fellow servants and employees, especially the girls. But he can have a temper, and doesn't take too kindly to being crossed. It's gotten him in trouble in the past and he has had to learn to curb it, or risk being in some real hot water. It's a work in progress and he still has yet to master himself completely.
One of a brood of children born to a farming family of the district, it seemed wise to his parents to find employment for young Robbie on the estate of the local gentry - Lord Madswitte. Robbie/Rob/Robert (or Allan to his superiors) has been working on the grounds of the castle for the past ten years. He lives there as well as his family's farm is too far away to walk back and forth every day.
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