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Gordon stands at about 5 feet 11 inches, with grey eyes and brown hair, a slight cleft on his chin and what often appears a shy but winning smile.
TW: Slight child abuse mention
Gordon remembers having a family, a mother and father, an elder sister, Susanna and two younger sisters, Mildred and Barbara, called Baby. While his father could be a bit rough and stern, and his mother tended to leave the care of the children to her eldest daughter, Gordon's memory is that he was happy. He was, if he recalls correctly, about seven or eight years old when first his father died, in what his mother claimed was an accident at work. But as his father wasn't at work that night, but out at a pub, it seems more likely his father died in a fight.

Shortly thereafter, Gordon's mother left her four children at the workhouse. Gordon never saw his mother or his sisters again. He left the workhouse later, choosing to survive on the streets rather than the restrictions and abuse of the workhouse.

It was on the streets that Professor Henry Walsham-Smythe found him, offering him a position in his house and an education. From the streets to the home of a Professor of Classics was quite a shocking change, and Gordon was at first overwhelmed. Grateful, but there were (and still are) times when he resented the Professor for charity. Even so, he did his best to live up to whatever he thought the older man wanted him to be, coming to think of him as something of a father surrogate, if albeit a rather odd one. By the time of the Professor's death to cancer he was serving as his personal Valet.

Born: 1869 in Cambridge
"Looks like a cinnamon roll, but could actually kill you."

Reading Fiction, Music Hall Performances, Singing (not publically)
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