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  • Subject matter: I tend to be alright with most subjects when they're tagged appropriately. In particular, please be sure to tag mentions of suicide and transphobia.

  • OOC communication: I don't like planning things out scene for scene, that's the beauty of rp, but if you plan on having your character do a face-heel-turn and suddenly become an antagonist without context, please let's get that sorted before it happens.

  • Plots I Like: Adventure & hijinks, romance*, Family, friends, mystery, murder plots, fight scenes (so long as nobody gets too meta), etc.

    *I'm fine with romance with any genders, but will only write it in specifics with male-leaning characters. I won't write explicit sex scenes unless I'm very comfortable with you.

  • Posting habits: I'm a bit slow these days, so expect a reply from me within a few days. Sometimes I can go for a few a day, other times once a week. I don't tend to write overly long posts, it really depends on what the scene calls for. I don't expect matching or anything like that. Just give me a thing I can work with!
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