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Theme Downloads - Alandree - 03-17-2016

Check each post below for all of the currently available themes. You can preview each theme by choosing one from the drop-down box at the bottom of this page!


Email alanmacfaradree@gmail.com to request & purchase.
Additional graphics can be commissioned, see the price page for details.

Chern Theme - Alandree - 05-27-2016

Theme Name: Chern
Colours: Dark: Purple/Magenta, Cream
Type: FREE
Custom Graphics: None
[Image: 2rmuq86.jpg]

RE: Theme Downloads - Alandree - 05-27-2016

Theme Name: Think-Over
Colours: Light: Beige, Blue, Pink
Type: FREE
Custom Graphics: on/onlock, off/offlock
[Image: 9bhxz4.jpg]

RE: Theme Downloads - Alandree - 05-27-2016

Theme Name: Sweet Wind
Colours: Light: Green, Beige, Pink
Type: FREE
Custom Graphics: None
[Image: sb1wg7.jpg]

RE: Theme Downloads - Alandree - 05-29-2016

Theme Name: Fragrance of Spring
Colours: Light: Beige, Yellow, Pink, Blue, Grey
Custom Graphics: None
[Image: 2090lle.jpg]

RE: Theme Downloads - Alandree - 05-31-2016

Theme Name: Baretta
Colours: Light: Beige, Red, Green, Black
Custom Graphics: on/onlock, off/offlock
[Image: 33vi5xu.jpg]